Zeda Spots started with a small team, in 2005. Since then we have grown to become the world’s most trusted global company that supplies wide range of premium class equestrian clothing’s, we at ZEDA aim at ushering a new wave of glamour to equestrian wear in India and making the passion of horse riding undergo a complete style transformation.

Since 2005 Zeda Sports products are distributed only via specialist retailers. We supply 2,000 specialist stores worldwide. Our external staff travel through the whole of world to get more and more customers interested in our products. Our employees have received the best training and can offer all specialist comprehensive advice and support.

What We Do

we bring years of experience in designing, manufacturing and fabric production for international market and are now launching a unique range of breaches and jodhpurs in India. Our Producers are developed after in-depth research into the areas of rider’s experience and requirements. This research has been carried out by interviewing leading Army Men, Polo Players and Horse Riders worldwide.

Zeda breaches are designed with special features focusing on supporting your muscles and protecting you against fatigue. Manufacturing breaches with utmost comfort, ultra fit, antibacterial fabric giving you an ultimate performance, we look forward to be your partner in every day riding and enjoy those special moments which eventually become a history in equestrian world.

The quality of deliverables beckoned by its world class machinery, innovative designers, management professionals ZEDA Sports endeavors to satisfy potential and existing customers with latest designs and comfortable breeches, jodhpurs. Our state of art manufacturing unit at Delhi Ncr, India is run after a lot of research in the area of customer experience and requirements of equestrian wear.

our company grew rapidly just as our team. A team that does not simply want to become better than all the others everyday, but a team which has also kept its youthful esprit and which thinks young and differently!


Today, the extensive Zeda sports product range in trend. People adopting new FAD and like it to wear it casually as well as using these as a fashion pants also in day to day life. Zeda Sports producing high-quality breeches, which is characterized comfortable and with amazing fit by an extraordinary claim of fashion and high functionality.

ZEDA Sports :  Riding apparels of International quality to the Indian equestrian market.

We’re committed to protecting the environment